Monday, April 25, 2011

Beginning of the Garden Season

As spring slowly approaches, work has been steadily progressing so that the 2011 gardening season will be even more successful than last year. We started out about 3 weeks ago by having a bucket brigade of compost, hauling the material from a dump truck up the stairs to the planters. Last week, we finally tilled in the compost and raked the beds so that they are ready for planting. We have also started planting in trays in our cubicles. Now, we only need to wait for a weather window to start putting in some of our cooler weather crops. While we had a huge variety of plants last year, this year we are opting to specialize a little more and not plant so many different things. Our hope is that we will be able to gather more weight this way and avoid the pest problems of 2010. Fortunately, we have some of our herbs coming in strong already and while they don't weigh a lot, they will be a tasty treat for someone. On another positive note, our garden was featured again in the local newspaper, the Daily Herald. You can access the article by clicking here.

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